Views from AHCL
Abdul Haleem Construction Limited (AHCL) has been established to ensure that its projects are executed with competent qualified engineers and technical staff, using modern equipment, expertise and maintaining quality as well as achieving completion within stipulated construction time with detail program and progress monitoring. AHCL aims to give proper dignity to its engineers and other staff and workers who are not being treated properly and given due respect.

AHCL envisages in developing a construction methodology at par with the international construction companies by employing young and providing due dignity and remuneration to them. We also train them in construction management, proper planning & monitoring of project. Achieving quality construction through proper supervision and using proper equipment and tools.

It is our prime objective in short in having a working system that will ensure timely completion of projects, ensure desired quality, develop human resources.

AHCL has its affiliation with MEP contractors intends to execute projects under one umbrella of General Contractor which is the practice being followed all over the World.